What Ambitions Do You Have?

Everyone has some kind of ambition regardless of age, kids demonstrate this when they are small by dreaming of becoming a dentist or doctor. As you age you still have ambitions but the question is whether you are any closer to actually achieving them or not.

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Persistence Breeds Success

If you want to better your life and attain your goals then you need to strengthen your power of persistence. Everyone has a persistent streak inside of them. The problem is that this streak is not as powerful as you had hoped for. If you find that your persistence diminishes fairly quickly there is hope […]

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Being Fair and Honest to Others

Being fair and honest to others is actually known as the trait of showing integrity. This includes not deceiving people and being honest when asked for your opinion on a topic. Have you ever made excuses for not going somewhere or because you needed to make that last sale to meet your quota? This is […]

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Honesty Counts

When it comes to developing your personality traits honesty is an extremely important one that you should work on. Most people would consider themselves to be an honest person. When it comes to business dealings you may act a little differently.

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How Fearless Are You?

Every person has some type of fear inside of them. You may be worried or scared about performing well at work. Or you may be afraid that you have developed a serious illness. These are all solid fears but it is the way in which you handle them that counts.

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